Hiring A San Diego Bar Mitzvah DJ – Things To Keep In Mind

San Diego bar mitzvah DJ

As Bar Mitzvah photographers, we love to capture a crowded dance floor, along with the San Diego Bar Mitzvah DJ that gets the crowd moving. By this point, the ceremony is complete, the Bar Mitzvah is official, and everyone is ready to let loose. A great Bar Mitzvah DJ will appeal to young and old, and everyone in between. This is important, because some of the most exiting and energetic images from the evening will come from the dancing portion of the event.

So how do you bring on the right DJ, and one who will create the ideal atmosphere for the Bar Mitzvah? Read on for our advice and suggestions.

1)Ask For A Playlist

When you talk to San Diego DJ companies, they will likely have tips and recommendations about what the music should be. For example, an experienced DJ will have a list of songs that are sure crowd pleasers, and that bring the party to life. If the playlist isn’t posted on the DJ’s website, ask for a copy ahead of time so you have a sense of the music your potential DJ expects to play. Chances are, the DJ will want to hear your ideas also.

For example, if there is a specific song that is special or sentimental to your family, you can ask to have this track included at some point in the evening. There’s no need to plan out the entire night song by song – your DJ will handle this. But talking about what you’re after, in terms of an overall playlist, will help ensure that you and your DJ are in alignment.

2) Figure Out What Role Your DJ Will Play

Some Bar Mitzvah DJs play great music, and let the crowd take it from there. Other DJs take center stage as an emcee, leading the kiddos through games and challenges. There are even DJ companies that are full-on event production experiences, with dancers and prizes to keep the kids engaged. It is beneficial to think about the role you would like your DJ to play throughout the Bar Mitzvah party. This will help you choose a DJ company more quickly.

For example, if you’re talking to a San Diego DJ with a fully produced event and light show, and you’re looking for something more casual, then you know you have other options. Conversely, if the DJ you’re evaluating is more traditional and you’re seeking a high-energy emcee, then you can move on to the next option.

3) Ask Other Vendors

You can learn a lot about a DJ by talking with other San Diego Bar Mitzvah vendors. Those of us who have stood the test of time are a relatively close and tight knit community. If you are unsure about a particular Bar Mitzvah DJ, talk to other vendors who you have booked for your event. Ask for their impressions of this DJ company, and whether they have built up a positive reputation. Your vendor team will be honest with you about experiences with that specific DJ, and whether they would recommend moving forward.

If no one has ever heard of the DJ in question, this is a sign that you may want to choose a more established professional. Also, check sites like Yelp to read reviews by past clients, and you will get a good picture of what your DJ will be like at your event.

4) Watch Videos

When you are looking at DJ websites, you’ll find that they often contain videos or short clips of the DJ team at previous events. Take the time to watch a few of these videos, and to gauge the reaction of the crowd to the DJ’s approach and song selection. If the room is up and dancing, and having a fun time, you’ll know that your DJ has the potential to get a crowd on its feet. If there are no videos posted, ask to see example videos from recent Bar Mitzvah events. This will help you to evaluate your DJ a bit better. Of course, keep in mind that these are carefully selected highlights and should be used as one factor, along with your overall impressions.

5) Think About Your Invite List

At the Bar Mitzvah party, the kids in the room may love that Drake is blasting at top volume. However, the grown ups and grandparents in attendance may not be as appreciative. After all, if relatives have traveled long distances to be there, they may want to sit and catch up in person, and have a chance for uninterrupted conversation. This can be distracting, or downright impossible, when there is music at top volume.

To remedy this, there are several possible solutions. One is to have your DJ change up the music selection throughout the night. So after a few songs of pop hits for the kids, the music switches up to something nostalgic for the parents or grandparents. Or a time-tested favorite that the whole family can dance along to. This ensures that everyone in attendance is included in the festivities, not just the youngest contingent.

More Party Options

Another option is to have a separate kids party, focused around age-appropriate guests and their musical tastes. By having a party devoted to the kids, it doesn’t matter if the music gets loud and the dance floor becomes rambunctious. It will be just the way they like it. The DJ can keep the hits going all night (or at least until curfew) and the kids will go home exhausted and very happy.

A third solution is to have a lounge or quiet room at the Bar Mitzvah party. This way, those who choose to have more breathing room can relax in their own space. This room can have quiet background music that helps to bring some ambiance, without being the primary focus. If your venue has space for multiple separate rooms, you may want to consider this option.

Of course, talk with your Bar Mitzvah DJ company about what you are envisioning. They may have solutions to propose also.

6) Invite Adam Sandler

Alright, this one is a bit of a joke, we admit. It’s also not for the most sensitive folks, as it contains some juvenile humor and a curse or two. But it’s also funny. Adam Sandler’s recent Netflix special featured a song about a Bar Mitzvah boy and his experiences throughout the process. We’ve included the clip below for your enjoyment:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have Adam there in person, at your family’s Bar Mitzvah? Your DJ would be more than happy to take a break and let him do his thing :) If it was close to the end of the year, your guests could be treated to a rousing rendition of the Hanukkah song too!


There are many options when it comes to choosing a San Diego Bar Mitzvah DJ company. As photographers with years of experience with Bar Mitzvahs and events, we would be more than happy to make a recommendation, and to share our favorite San Diego DJ companies. As well, we will share our insights for your Bar Mitzvah photography, along with the package that best suits your needs. Please contact our Bar Mitzvah Photography team to get started. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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