Hiring A San Diego Bar Mitzvah Band – What Questions to Ask?

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As a San Diego Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah photography & videography team, we love when there is energy and excitement at the event. When your guests are up in action, it gives us the opportunity to capture fun and authentic moments. So how do you ensure that guests will jump out of their seats? The music! Your Bar / Bat Mitzvah band has a lot of responsibility to play songs that connect with the crowd, and to get them on their feet.

Thankfully, there are many talented Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah band options here in San Diego. So what are the questions to ask when hiring a San Diego Bar Mitzvah Band? We took a moment to list a few examples, and hope you find this comparison helpful in making your own band decision for your event. When looking into hiring a band, there are several considerations to keep in mind:


Like photography studios, you will likely find that Bat / Bat Mitzvah bands book out well ahead of time. A popular band not only performs at Bar Mitzvahs but also weddings, corporate events, private parties, and other gigs. When talking with the band management, one of the first questions should be regarding the band’s availability.

If the band you want is booked on your Bat Mitzvah date, all is not lost. Many band representatives have multiple bands on their roster! They may be able to recommend another group that will be to your liking, along with song samples. But to reserve the band of your choice, you will want to reach out well before your event. This way, the date is reserved on the band’s calendar, and you have the assurance that they will be there to entertain your guests.

Number of Hours

Think about how long you expect the event to be, and how much of this event will be devoted to dancing. This will give you a good idea of how long you will need the band for. When you contact the band representative, it will be helpful to have a sense of your timeline, along with the estimated number of hours. By having this information ahead of time, you will be able to talk specifics such as budget. It will help you make a faster decision.

Venue Rules

Long before hiring a Bar Mitzvah band, check with your venue to see what rules they have regarding live music. Chances are, the venue has a list of or requirements that a band must follow. For example, if your venue is located in a residential area, there is a good chance that the band must end at a preset time, such as 10:00 PM. This will be important information to share with the band representative ahead of time. It will prevent issues on the Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah day itself, such as breaking noise ordinances, which can result in fines or extra venue fees.

Music Style

Given that your Bar Mitzvah band will be playing for several hours, it is important to choose a band with a music style you love. Many Bar Mitzvah bands have a large repertoire of songs and can switch easily from one genre to another. This helps ensure that there is something for everyone, and that there is a variety of music throughout the event. Some bands have multiple lead singers, and cover contemporary pop hits as well as classic favorites. When choosing between bands, ask to see a catalogue. This will help you determine which band is best suited for your event.

If your Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah celebration leans toward the traditional, you will of course want to find a band with a background in Jewish music. There are many bands that have an understanding of klezmer music, if not deep roots, and will infuse a Jewish cultural heritage into your reception. And everyone loves a cardio-friendly Hava Nagila session, young and old alike. Ask your band about their Jewish music experience, and how to best incorporate traditional music into your big day.


Throughout your event, there may be times where an entire band is not essential. For example, during cocktail hour, you may prefer a solo violinist or a small jazz ensemble. Depending on the needs of your event, and your budget, you can look for a booking agent that gives you this type of flexibility. Like we do with photography, a great booking agent will be happy to give you recommendations about how to best use music over the course of the event.

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