5 Tips To Prepare For Your San Diego Bat Mitzvah Photography

photo of girl preparing for bat mitzvah photography

If you have an upcoming San Diego Bat Mitzvah in your family, you are likely making preparations for the big day. You may have started looking into details for the event, such as catering, music, and finding a venue. Even if the celebration will be in your shul or synagogue, you’ll still be making a number of arrangements. For example, finding the best photography studio :) Because we are experienced Bat Mitzvah photographers, we are here to help you get ready for your photography, and to share ideas beforehand so you know what to expect. This way, you will feel calm and ready for the big day. With this in mind, we have prepared 5 tips that will help you prepare for your Bat Mitzvah photography here in San Diego.

1) Plan any new style ahead of time

Whether your event will be formal or casual, your Bat Mitvah girl may decide to try out a new look for the occasion. This is her time in the spotlight, and she may want to use it to highlight her independence. This new look could mean a dramatic haircut, a switch from glasses to contacts, or any number of appearance changes that are different from the every day. Our recommendation is that you try the style modification a couple of weeks prior to the Bat Mitzvah itself. This way, your teen has time to get accustomed to her updated appearance. She can use this time to make any adjustments that will help her feel more comfortable. By the time she gets in front of the camera, she will be natural and relaxed.

2) Arrive early

When we photograph, we always arrive a bit early to set up, and get a sense of the room conditions for the day. It is advantageous if your family is also on the early side, because it means you are present and accounted for. If you face unexpected delays, such as traffic, this will push the schedule back. So a few minutes early helps a lot. The same goes for your extended family, if they are to be included in family portraits at a set time. It is a good idea to give them an arrival time 30 minutes or so before you actually need them. This way, you won’t have to chase anyone down when it is their turn to be photographed.

3) Wear complementary colors

When everyone is coordinated and looking their best, family photos of the small family unit are amazing. One way to complement each other visually is by color selection. An accessory such as a tie or handkerchief that brings out the hues of a dress is a nice touch, and shows well in photos. The color pairings can be subtle, and don’t have to be over the top, otherwise it can look too uniform. When you are clothes shopping, ask for a stylist in the store who can make recommendations, and point you in the right direction. The most important thing is that everyone feel like their best selves, as this confidence will show through in the images.

4) Make the most of your photography time

The Bat Mitzvah celebration will be full of excitement and distraction. There will be relatives seeking your attention, small decisions to make in the moment, and friends that you want to catch up with. This will all happen :) Most of the time, we will be photographing on the go, moving around, and capturing the activity as it happens. But there will be times where we want to pull you in for a picture, or make sure that we sit down for family photos according to the timeline. You will be very happy after the fact that you have the photos to remember the occasion, so take the time to let us photograph you. We promise to get you back to the action as quickly as possible, and Aunt Sarah’s question can wait for a sec :)

5) Enjoy yourself

Once the Bat Mitzvah event is actually here, the best thing you can do is have a enjoy it. All the big decisions have been made! Now, it’s time to relax and beam with nachas (pride times a hundred) at your Bat Mitzvah girl. If you are happy and low stress, your pictures will show it, and your family will follow suit. Having everyone in a great mood, loving the time together as family – that is what the occasion is all about.

We hope you have found these 5 tips for preparing for your San Diego Bat Mitzvah photography insightful and useful. We are of course happy to make more recommendations that are specific to your event, and help plan your ideal Bat Mitzvah photography package.

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